Saturday, March 21, 2009

RubberStamp & Scrapbook Expo - Tucson, AZ

After only finding out about it Thursday night around 9 pm I did make it to the Expo. Vendors were way down but John (owner) said that was due to the date. Well, I didn't even spend $20 but I met up with 2 of the 5 I was hoping to meet. I'm on the left. Becky Sheppard, an angel who moved to Sierra Vista from Minneapolis is in the middle, and Margie Monselle, the list mom for the ChristianStampers yahoo group is on the right. I've known Margie for 10 + years. I just met Becky for the first time today after emailing with her the last 2 days! I missed Melissa (who created the cards from the 2 previous posts) by a little bit as I didn't arrive until 12:30 pm and Melissa left after being there since 9 am. I did have a good visit with Becky and Margie. I hope to do some creating with one of the objects I found so stay tuned! Other than that I purchased a white Liquid Applique and some tips for my Crystal Lacquer. BIG spender - NOT! LOL! Oh, I also seen Louise Martin of Green Valley, a customer of mine. Anyway, what did you purchase lately to play with in your stamp room??

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